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Q: when is ALT KIDS coming out?

A: Next Summer!

Q: where will ALT KIDS be sold?

A: my Depop ( linked in nav bar)

Q:why was ALT KIDS made?

A: I felt there was a need for representation in dolls that was lacking so I took it upon myself as an artist to make my own :)

Q: who is the creator of ALT KIDS?

A: Josey! aka Jo_in_space

Q: what inspired ALT KIDS?

A: Garret Sander (aka creaotr of monster high)

Q: my question wasn't awnsered in the Q&A, how do I submit a question?

A: here is a Q&A form you can submit: Q&A form

Q: what do you use to make websites?

A: Neocities!

Q: how did you learn coding

A: I taught myself

Q:I want to learn coding but know nothing about it, where do I start?

A: I'd say play around on neocities for a bit (use the already given tutorial) and I highly recomend looking at W3schools :)

Q: how old is the creator of ALT KIDS?

A: 14, I turn 15 in May

Q:Can I cosplay one of the ALT KIDS?

A: Yes! (please tag me @Jo_in_space if you post and or dm it to me on my insta @sugarpixie_in_space) as long as you do not spread hate while wearing the cosplay you can cospkay any of my characters :)

Q: Why is it called ALT KIDS if most of the dolls are canoicaly adults?

A: Becuase the orginal planned demographic was kids/ teens ranging from 12-16

Q: what is the demographic of ALT KIDS?

A:origanaly alt teens but now it's jsut for Alt lgbtq+ people.

Q:Will there be a heterosexual and or cisgender doll?

A: Technicaly yes, if you commision me to do a doll and that is what you request I will sell that to you specifically.

Q: can I have an ALT KID doll that looks exactly like me?

A: Yes! if you commision a doll from me you can have a doll that looks exaclty like you/ is you!

Q: I want my fanart to be featured (via youtube, ALT KIDS website, tiktok ect.), how do I submit it?

A: Send it to this form:

Q:How long has ALT KIDS been in the works?

A:the first post was on 4/21/22 but the first doll design was created on______

Q: Why does you have so many projects? doesn't it get complicated/ exauhsting?

A:I think it has to do wit my ADHD (I'm diagnosed) becuase I have alot of projects going through my head all the time and start alot of long term projects, some of which have been scrapped

Q: Who else works on ALT KIDS

A: we have a whole discord team that has about 40-50 people on it, I will not be tagging anyone thought becuase that would be to many socails I'd have to get

Q: I want to contact the creator, how do I?

A: dm me on my insta @sugarpixie_in_space

Q: I want to submit my own doll design, can I?

A: submit to this form:

Q: I want to see all the doll desings, how do I?


Q: Does ALT KIDS have a patreon?

A:not yet but in the future it will

Q: Why does representation matter?


Q: OwO?


Q: Are you emo?

A: technically?

Q: Are you a furry?

A: I cosplay as animals for fun so... yes.

Q: I want to see updates on ALT KIDS as soon as possible, how do I do this?

A: Look at our ALT KIDS fan discord server, update section on the ALT KIDS website or simply look at the newset stuff on the ALT KIDS playlsit on tiktok,Bigger updates/ milestones are also posted on my youtube chanell @sugarpixie_in_space.

Q: There is a glitch on the ALT KIDS website/ something doesn't work, how do I tell the cretor?

A: submit the problem to this form:

Q: What will the dolls look like? hair, clothing and body wise


Q: Do you have twitch?

A: yes

Q: Do you have insta?

A: yes @sugar_pixie_in_space

Q: Are your art trade open?

A: yes, dm me on insta @sugarpixie_in_space

Q: Are your commisions open (art wise)

A: yes dm me on insta @sugarpixie_in_space

Q: Are your commisions open (doll wise)

A: Not yet, they will be after the first line (the Core 4) is released

Q: Do you take doll design request?

A: yes but not throught comments on tiktok or dm's, submit to this form:

Q: What is your twitch steam schedule

A: currently there is no schedule lmao :')

Q: Do the dolls have backstory?

A: yes! infact I am currently working on the first chapter which will be posted on here and webtoons :3

Q: I want to work on ALT KIDS, how do I?

A: Submit to this aplication form:https:work aplication

Q:Will there be ALT KIDS merch?

A: yes! we actaully have some already such as keychains of the main 4 sold on depop (you can find in navbar)